An Event Speaker Reaching Women With The Truth About A Life With Jesus

An Event Speaker Reaching Women With The Truth About A Life With Jesus

Booking Now For All Events In 2020!


Booking Now For All Events In 2020!

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If you are poking around my site, you'll realize there are a lot of things I could share at your event. I think what most event planners get excited to have me as their event speaker are :

  • Living a life loving someone with a disability 
  • Being a woman who placed a child for adoption 
  • Seeing God transform my life through trial and suffering 

Those are the stories I could share and teach on, but ultimately I love teaching women who God is through living a regular life that includes joy, trial, and yes, suffering. Living a grateful, imperfect, useful life for Christ is what we are called to do. I just rally the troops and motivate them to move toward Jesus. I am a bible teacher firmly grounded in the whole counsel of God's word. 

My imperfect first book -His Song


Are you confused by a good God who allows bad things to happen in your life? This book is for you. What does God intend to show you?  Click here to read His Song on Kindle.

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I write on a lot of topics. Some blogs have a lot to say and some are still in process. If you are interested in having me speak on one of these topics, I encourage you to read a little and then reach out to me.

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America Adopts! Interview

This interview was an important one because, from a birthmother's perspective, I got to share my views on what a birthmother might be looking for in a prospective adoptive family. This was just my opinion, of course, but it is a question I get asked most often as an event speaker, and blogger. Birthmothers are a rare voice in the Pro-Life movement and I'd like to change that by encouraging others to think about her place in the narrative and invite other birthmothers to share their stories.   


I have also been featured on Podcasts, and am a national event speaker at Pro-Life conferences such as CareNet, HeartBeat International, and Together For Adoption


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If your organization has a theme pre-planned for your special event and you'd like custom content designed specifically for me to share with your attendees, let's chat! 


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For more information on fees and availability, send me a message. Tell me about your event, and I will get back to you soon with more information.

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